Monday, July 13, 2015

Saffron and Olive

Yay! Finally named. Saffron (sun) and Olive (nansun). As I am a huge foodie, I searched a cook book to come up with both names. They are doing so well with adjusting to their new home and new parents. We visited the vet on Saturday and both received a clean bill of health. We are still quarantining these babies from my other flock members until the 30-45 days is up. I cannot wait to introduce them all!
I asked some questions to our vet about Saffron's patchy skin. He is missing feathers from his head and neck which I can assume was plucked by Olive. Since they've been with us, I haven't seen any plucking or feathers on the bottom of their cage. The doctor wasn't too concerned. I also asked the doc about Olive's line down her belly. I feared this would be liver or weight related. Both conures were a great weight! The vet said the way Olive's meat is around her keel bone, is whats causing the line down. Again, nothing to be concerned with. Both fecal tests came back normal which was some more great news for us!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Two New Flock Members

My husband and I picked up these two gorgeous babes from a seller in Connecticut. I saw a post on a conure group through facebook that the birds were needing to be rehomed. Although I do agree it is wrong to breed hybrid mixes, this nansun hybrid really caught my eye. At first I asked if she would sell him or her separate from the sun conure, but she had insisted that these two were bonded. I couldn't imagine breaking up a bonded pair, so I spoke to my husband about taking them both. Now having four parrots is a bit crazy, but having six? I am not sure what goes through my head sometimes! :) We took the 2.5 hour drive home from Connecticut and set up their cage right away.

Right now the sun and nansun are being quarantined from the rest of my flock. We have a vet appointment on Wednesday evening for both of these new conures. I've noticed their nails were very overgrown, which I fear the quick has grown out too far. Their wings were clipped at one point and a bit uneven so I clipped them again to start a fresh regrowth. The nansun has a missing nail on one foot, so it is more of a stub. The nansun seems to be a bit malnourished so we are working on both of their diets. They were very hungry when we arrived home, and they did very well on the ML Zupreem fruitblend pellets. I am interested to hear what the vet says. We plan to keep these two quarantined for 60 days. There has been a lot of hand washing and clothes changes between handling all of my birds.

As some of you know, we just moved into a new house. It has it's own bird room, and we have a very large basement (with windows) that we are planning to renovate for them. The floor will be tile and there will be a sink located in their room, which is WONDERFUL. Some more great features will be a roll out paper floor for underneath their cages, ropes & ladders from the ceiling, and even more surprises to come. I think these two will be very happy to join my other conures.

Are any of you wondering, "hey, she didn't mention their names?" Well.. I will tell you this - I really am not sure of them yet! These two conures have had three previous owners from what I was told, and they were guessed to be about 6 years old. I do know that the two previous owners had different names for them, and I think because they are now in a forever home, that we can decide on two names to stick to! The nansun we seem to be leaning towards using a male name, as we do not know their sex. I cannot stop saying "she" when referring to the sun conure, so a female name would be more appropriate to us. I will hopefully have an update with those names soon!

Enjoy some pictures below. These two came with a gorgeous new cage, and many toys to be bought for them! Thanks for reading and following our blog!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The New Home

It has been eleven days in our new house and I've noticed ONE difference with the birds. Willow talks more than I've ever heard!! I always tease Kevin that we must have a ghost living with us that speaks to her all day lol. She comes out with these words, and says things over and over no matter who is around. Other than that, the birds have been quite normal and stress free! They seem to love their new room (as I kept all the furniture and pictures the same)! We used a paint with no voc throughout whole house (except for the birds room) - it had no fumes and no smell. It looks beautiful and we felt so safe using it around the birds. Now that we can move them out into the den, we will be having their room painted in the next week or two. We have a lot of work to do in the bird room and we are so excited to get it done! Will be keeping you all posted on the awesome things to come.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Updated photos: 4/8/15

My beautiful babes are doing so well. We are getting ready to pack our things in the next couple of weeks and I have been thinking about the bird room in the new house. I am going to do a few things to make my life easier... which includes attaching the roll of paper that I use under their cages, to the bottom of the wall.. making it easy to just pull out and cover the floor each couple of days when it needs to be changed. After painting all walls in our new home, we will let it air out before having the birds come. I will apply some type of poster or sticky paper onto the walls in their room so they don't get wrecked with all the raspberry/strawberry etc. that gets thrown around by them!
Pinterest had a few good ideas for bird room setups and hopefully some more ideas come to mind in the next few weeks!
Hope you enjoy their new pics below! Willow sure is beautiful with those wings spread open after her shower this past weekend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It's that time again! I got married on New Year's Eve and we just officially went into contract on a house!! The funny part about our house search, every time I walked into one my first question would be, "where will the birds go?" Sometimes we would really love a house, but it wouldn't have an ideal spot, or an ideal room to put the feathered babies in so we would move right along.

We finally found our little dream home and we are going to finish off the whole basement, giving them a great room down there. Since the laundry and a full den will be down there as well, the babies will have much time with us, and our guests. It also has windows down in the basement which is wonderful!

My biggest concern about the move is painting. We need to really make it our own (and not keep the yellow painted walls - eek!) and I know the babies can't breathe in those fumes. Luckily with the warmer weather coming, and our closing date still a month and a half away, we will be able to have the windows open to air the place out quicker. I am also grateful that we are in a rental right now (without a signed lease), and we can stay an extra couple weeks there while we paint and get the house ready for the birds.

My last move the birds transitioned very well. They weren't afraid of their new room, and really enjoyed the extra space. Hoping that all goes smoothly and will keep you guys posted!

Here are a few recent pics:

Monday, November 24, 2014

November Photos- Nanday Conurse / Gold capped conure / Blue fronted Amazon

Hello all! My flock and I are doing well. We have been spending much time together and they are finally starting to trust my (soon-to-be) hubby! Kevin has been trying to gain their trust for a couple of months now.
Willow was OK with Kevin when we first took her home. She slowly became more and more attached to me, and would become protective when Kevin was near. She has calmed down a bit, and so have the conures.
We are thankful for that but there is still a lot more work to be done.

Here are some GORGEOUS pics from the last few days.
Charlie- Nanday Conure
Allegra - Gold Capped Conure
Autumn - Nanday Conure
Willow - Blue fronted Amazon

Monday, June 2, 2014

Blue fronted Amazon: Shower time!

My babe has been talking her head off! So many new words everyday. Today she said "Hi Baby!" for the first time. She is also starting to talk in front of me - when I walk in the room she will say " I love you" or "good morning". 
Here is a video of Willow enjoying her shower:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Bath fun

It was bath time for the babes this weekend! They sure do love their baths (minus Allegra, she hates the water but tolerates it when I make her lol). I fill the tub with a shallow bit of a warm water and place them right in. Autumn and Charlie love to run under the gentle stream of water coming out of the tub faucet, Allegra stays far back.
Willow bathes on the shower perch that I have. I really have to try and get a video of her showering because it is the cutest thing ever! She whistles and talks a ton while getting sprayed with water. LOVES the water!

Hope you enjoy the pics!