Thursday, January 7, 2016

Save the walls!

Being that we recently moved and have more parrots than ever planned, I saw this idea online and thought of the babies. We all know the birds can be messy on the nice walls that we all love, so this would be a great shield to save the walls! Curtains can be easily washed and changed if you get tired of the same old color. I was thinking a bright and happy orange color to give a tropical feel. With my fake greenery in the room, it would probably look awesome! We have worked on our plans for converting the garage into a big den and partially a sound proof bird room. We should be starting the conversion towards the end of 2016! The room the birds are in now will become a nursery or office, depending on which God gives me :) Will be working on this project soon and update with pictures and "how to" instructions. Hope everyone had a wonderful New years!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Prevue Cage

Quite a few months ago I saw a cage posted online on a yard sale group. Since it was close to where we were renting at the time, I went and took a look at it. The woman said she bought the cage but it was never used. It was clean, and very inexpensive ($100) so we bought it. It has been sitting in pieces in our basement since we moved into the new house.
My two newest conures (Olive & Saffron) came bonded and in one cage. The previous owner had mentioned to me a plucking issue at times. Recently, I've noticed that Saffron has been missing more and more feathers on his head. I wish I set the new cage up sooner rather than later.. but as they say, better late than never. I cleaned the heck out of the cage today and set it up with my husband. The new perches I had laying around (and one new toy) were put into the just built cage.
I chose Saffron as the one to move into the new cage. He is a bit more aggressive than Olive, and very protective of her. I figured putting him into the new environment may relax him a little bit. I figured right! He had no nervousness at all once I got him in there. He has come to me several times today without an issue. I am hoping that he really enjoys his own space, and now his feathers hopefully grow back rather quickly. They are on great diets, and I will be bathing him a bit more now that he will easily come to me.
Being that I had to squeeze yet another cage into the bird room, I had to move around the cages a bit. I am loving the new set up, as it gives a roomier feel when you walk in. We still have plans and are working closer towards finishing off part of the garage into the new bird room. I can't wait for that! Here are pics from tonight:

Friday, September 11, 2015

The whole flock - hang out night!

I decided to spend some much needed quality time with the rug rats! I took Charlie, Autumn and Allegra out together. Then I took Olive and Saffron out by themselves. The five conures are still not too comfortable when out all together. Willow took a shower with my after all the conures had their play time :)

Enjoy the shots!

Monday, August 24, 2015

New toys and food

There is a big summer sale going on at - definitely worth checking out! I ordered 17 lbs of the zupreem pellets that all my babies eat.. for the same price as the 10 to 12 lb bag at Petco! I also got new toys, three new comfy perches, nutriberries and poop-off cleaner. Here are some pics from tonight.. as you can see they don't need much warming up to new toys.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

How many is too many?!

Look at all my babies! These photos are from the SECOND time I let all the conures out together. Of course, Willow the Amazon, stayed in her cage while these babies were out. I don't let Willow out at the same time because of the size difference. I've seen way too many "accidents" happen with bigger birds vs smaller ones. Yikes!

All of the conures are doing really well thus far with interacting. Charlie (nanday) seems so super interested in our newest baby, Olive (nansun). Olive doesn't want anything to do with Charlie though. Typical woman game! lol Hoping they eventually become good friends.

Bird Room

The "bird room" at our new house is the most anticipated project that we have going on. Now that the rest of our house is freshly painted (with no VOC paint) we can finally paint the bird room. I have picked a light orange color by Benjamin Moore - not a peach - but more orangey. I figured it would go well with the nice jungle feel of greens we will have in the room. Some other projects going on.. My hubby is building a holder for the brown painter's paper we use on the floors - the holder will be like a paper towel roll - and will allow the brown paper to be rolled out like a red carpet! This will make cleaning and changing the paper a lot easier in the future. We are also making the same kind of holder for the Glad press n' seal that we use on the bottom grates of the cages.

I started making and buying some toys to hang from the ceilings (only on spots that will be over the brown paper.. we don't need a poopie stained floor)! Kevin and I are hoping to figure out a way to add more light in their room since there is only one window. For this, I have a really awesome idea but have to speak with our friend who is a contractor to see what his thoughts are! More details to come soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Willow, the Blue Fronted Amazon

Willow was not camera shy at all tonight! I love this girl. She peacefully laid on her back tonight while I trimmed her nails. We cuddled close and her sweet scent was strong for some reason. That is when I decided to bust my camera out and capture her true beauty! I am one lucky mama! Hope you enjoy these shoots as much as I do!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saffron and Olive

Yay! Finally named. Saffron (sun) and Olive (nansun). As I am a huge foodie, I searched a cook book to come up with both names. They are doing so well with adjusting to their new home and new parents. We visited the vet on Saturday and both received a clean bill of health. We are still quarantining these babies from my other flock members until the 30-45 days is up. I cannot wait to introduce them all!
I asked some questions to our vet about Saffron's patchy skin. He is missing feathers from his head and neck which I can assume was plucked by Olive. Since they've been with us, I haven't seen any plucking or feathers on the bottom of their cage. The doctor wasn't too concerned. I also asked the doc about Olive's line down her belly. I feared this would be liver or weight related. Both conures were a great weight! The vet said the way Olive's meat is around her keel bone, is whats causing the line down. Again, nothing to be concerned with. Both fecal tests came back normal which was some more great news for us!